About Miss Adela Tapia's Childcare


Miss Adela Tapia is a licensed childcare provider that offers children and families an important service. Miss Adela Tapia and her team of assistants provide a secure environment where children learn to trust other adults and children. Activities are planned each day that helps children: solve problems, express their ideas, and learn about the real world; all crucial skills in preparing for school and life. The program provides home cooked organic meals and snacks and is also a Breastfeeding-Friendly Daycare Home. Miss Adela Tapia and parents form a partnership that promotes a healthy development for each child. Miss Adela supports parents by allowing them to work without having to worry about their children’s care. Miss Adela Tapia builds a partnership with parents by communicating via text, sending parents pictures and updates throughout the day. We look forward to welcoming your children into the Miss Adela Tapia’s Childcare’s family!  

Infant's Curriculum

The infant’s curriculum focuses on meeting their emotional needs: to be fed, kept dry and comfortable, picked up and held, which will lead to trust in the Miss Adela Tapia’s Childcare’s Program. Socially, we provide responsive care and build a positive relationship with each infant. Cognitively, we ensure the infants have toys that they can safely suck, squeeze, throw, push, so that infants can respond to their explorations and actions. Infants are read to and sung lullabies to for their language development. Physically, infants explore and move by creeping, crawling, and pulling themselves up,  we ensure infants have enough floor space on which infants can move around safely. Infants are taken outside every day.

Toddler's Curriculum

Toddler’s curriculum focuses on meeting their independence. Emotionally, they establish their independence by trying to do things for themselves. At Miss Adela Tapia’s Childcare the environment is organized where toddlers can find what they need and do things on their own. Socially, children enjoy being with other children, Miss Adela Tapia provides toddlers routines and activities so the children are able to play cooperatively with others. Cognitively, toddlers enjoy practicing new skills by doing them over and over. At Miss Adela’s, we plan activities to practice familiar skills and apply them to new tasks. We also help toddlers learn to use language to express their emotions and ideas by talking to the toddlers to help them understand new words and to encourage them to use language to communicate with others. At Miss Adela Tapia’s Childcare we read a variety of books throughout the day to keep them busy and happy. Physically, toddlers are very active and want to explore everything by running, jumping, and climbing. Miss Adela Tapia’s Childcare Program provides outside time every day and bring equipment such as: balls, bubbles, sidewalk chalk.

parents' testimonials

“Miss Adela and her talented team provide a warm, happy, familiar and reassuring space for our little ones to grow interact and develop. I’ll always be grateful for their kindness and the special care they showed us each and every day” – Kerry, mother of Nathaniel & Gabriel

“Our daughter started at Miss Adela’s when she was 3 months old. Over the 2 years that she was with Miss Adela and her staff, our daughter received love and care that helped her grow and safely experience the world around her. It was like leaving her with family” – Rhea, mother of Zarine

“Miss Adela Tapia’s Childcare is a warm, loving, and supportive program that makes you feel like part of a family. Our son thrived during his time there and couldn’t wait to see his friends and caregivers every day. It is truly a gem! – Jennifer, mother of Ben